Hodgdon Yachts’ 8.5m custom limo designed by Andrew Winch Designs

UK, London. All-too-often left to the tail end of the build and purchase process, choosing the right tender can mean the difference between form and functionality, and poor performance and high maintenance costs.

When, once upon a time, tenders mostly fell into the RIB category and were stored on deck, today tenders come in various guises and profiles and increasingly elaborate storage options are being incorporated into yacht design. From chase boats to elegant limousine tenders, the boat that an owner chooses frequently comes down to simply aesthetics or budget, but there are numerous considerations that should be made before one is selected. Additionally, when it comes to designing a yacht, moving the tender garage forward or storing tenders on the foredeck may allow for maximum useable beach space on the aft deck, but tender launch and retrieval from certain tender garage locations can be significantly more difficult, and consequently dangerous, in certain conditions.

Since it is rarely the owner who will be handling and operating the chosen tender, advice and feedback from those will be using it should be a crucial part of the decision-making process. That is why The Superyacht Owner would like to put a few questions to the industry in the hopes of gathering practical advice for owners on tender selection, design and use.

•    What is the most overlooked factor when it comes to choosing a tender?
•    What would you change about the way clients choose tenders?
•    Do owners need to sacrifice looks for practicality?
•    Where is the best place to store tenders and toys on yachts?
•    Where is the best place to handle tenders from?
•    How can designers make life easier and safer for tender launch and retrieval in their design?
•    Do you think most crewmembers are trained well enough in the safe handling of tenders and toys?

We would love to hear any comments, advice or thoughts from crew, designers, managers and owners on the above issues or any other thoughts you have on tender selection, operation, handling and design.

Please either comment below or email andrew@thesuperyachtgroup.com.

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