The Gilmour Group, parent company to Royale Oceanic International, Gilmour Design Studio, Great Northern Estates, the Burness Corlett Three Quays Group and a number of other subsidiaries has recently undergone a restructuring process. spoke with Barry Gilmour, chairman of the Gilmour Group and its affiliated divisions, about restructuring and the future.

“Aircraft, properties and boats always went together – I’m not saying they were always a very successful mix, but one lead to another,” began Gilmour. “The natural progression of the three lead us to regulation, management and so on. In a small way, that is how we started.” The Gilmour Group portfolio now covers superyacht design, management and brokerage as well as a number of commercial and land-based interests.

After a number of years as the head of an incoherent – albeit very successful – amalgamation of businesses, Gilmour took the decision to streamline and synergise the collective. “Since then we have carefully grown the business within targeted sectors,” continued Gilmour. “It has very much been a rifle approach rather than a shotgun approach.”

2015 has brought with it the next stages in the personal and professional progression of Gilmour and his eponymous conglomerate. All associated brands have announced the appointments of managing directors. “As a business decision I decided it was time to get in some managers. I believe that youth and dynamism coupled with experience are a wonderful combination, and the addition of MD's will certainly boost efficiency,” explained Gilmour. On a personal level, the reduction in managerial responsibility frees up time to concentrate on his passions.

“I love art, I love architectural design and I have always done it, I love luxury brands and I love yachts. I love everything about the superyacht industry – it’s passion. And I want to focus on that.” Gilmour’s time will now be more focussed on his appetite for superyacht design and the industry as a whole. “I want to focus my attention on yachts and everything yachting and provide the highest quality of services within the industry,” he said, referring to Gilmour Design Studio and Royale Oceanic International.

Gilmour Design Studio 30m

Current projects at Gilmour Design Studio include a 142m motoryacht in the early build phase, a 95m motoryacht at a late tendering stage, a 200m concept, a 30m retro sports yacht and the interior design and refurbishment of a 42m yacht. Gilmour also alluded to developments within Royale Oceanic International, but details of the development are not yet publicly available.

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