Within the Annual Report, the Global Order Book (GOB) provides the statistical data that helps us measure the health of the industry by looking back on the previous year, but also helps to project what is to come in the coming year(s), comparing previous order book data.

“The Superyacht Group prides itself on the fact that the Annual Report is the superyacht industry’s definitive source of information and analysis,” said Ellie Brade, editor of Superyacht Intelligence. “The Superyacht Intelligence GOB and accompanying statistical analysis form the heart of the report and give critical insight into how the new build sector is performing and what the key trends are. We understand the importance of market data to businesses and once again have produced a highly detailed report to meet this demand, always ensuring that our data undergoes a stringent verification process to ensure the highest levels of accuracy.”

A snap shot of the data shows that in 2013, the GOB consisted of 407 yachts, down from 2012’s 423. However 2014’s order book has increased, with 411 yachts currently featuring in the order book. While it may not be a huge increase when compared to the order books of 2009 and 2010, what the data collected shows that for the first time in six years, 2014 registered an increase, rather than a decline.

In 2013 deliveries dropped by 20% from 2012's figure of 182, down to 146. 2012 registered the first increase in deliveries since 2008, which spiked at 275 before dropping significantly over the following three years. However, this drop in deliveries did not negatively impact the total fleet, which saw a 3% increase in 2013. The statistical analysis continues to break down the sub-type and size brackets that deliveries are being made. While the deliveries dropped, so to do the number of builders who actually delivered in 2013, which dropped to 70 from 2012's figure of 93.

Further data analysis of the GOB sees orders compared yearly within the respective size brackets of 30-40m, 40-50m, 50-70m, and 70m+, as well as which yards are topping deliveries numbers in these size brackets, and league tables of yards registering yachts currently in build, painting a clear picture of the yards that are either ready to sell spec builds or have, indeed, been signing orders.

Using a decade’s worth of data, the report not only accurately measures how the industry has faired in terms of builds, with the GFC making a clear impact, but also allows the Superyacht Intelligence team to predict what is to come in the next five years in terms of delivery numbers and fleet growth.

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