The Superyacht Group is currently inviting industry professionals to participate in a survey evaluating the effectiveness of its inaugural Economic Analysis of the Superyacht Industry (EASI), published in 2012. The results of this survey will form the basis of the group’ second study, SMARTER 2015 (Superyacht Market Analysis & Regional Trends Economic Report).

The 2012 study was the first industry-driven report of its kind to showcase just how significant the superyacht market’s global economic contribution is. It has since been used by myriad companies and organisations as a tool for communicating the important contribution that the industry can make to local and regional economies.

As preparations begin for the planning, research, and subsequent analysis of SMARTER 2015, The Superyacht Group is inviting professionals from across the industry to complete a short survey. This survey is intended to establish how the first study was utilised and what can be done to enhance the efficacy of the second study; we want to know what new information, intelligence and economic data that you would like to see collected, analysed and published as part of this major market intelligence initiative.

Commenting on the importance of garnering industry feedback, data analyst Felix Sowerbutts, who is part of the Superyacht Intelligence team undertaking the study said, “The main point of the survey is to highlight any topics of particular interest that we missed out on in the previous study or need to expand on and analyse in greater detail.

“Data on emerging markets appears to be of particular interest for market forecasting and unique industry insights. We’re also using this survey as a way of shaping our methodology for the next report and improving our understanding of economic contributions.”

To take this short survey, please click here. Or alternatively email with your feedback.

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