Seal Superyachts, a superyacht agency servicing the Asia-Pacific region, has expanded its network of offices in the southern Pacific Ocean to better service the superyacht industry and connect more of the various islands to Asia and Australasia. Seal Superyachts has added offices in Tahiti, Fiji, New Caledonia and Vanuatu to its portfolio.

“This expansion for Seal Superyachts into the Pacific has long been planned and is something that was overdue for our future business development and expansion strategy,” starts Adam Frost, Seal Superyacht’s Managing Director.

Frost explains that more superyachts are beginning to stay in Asia for multiple seasons and that the philosophy behind the move is to develop new cruising destinations that have seasons that differ from Asia, in order to create a more consistent revenue stream during Asia’s off season.

“The four new office locations of New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji and Tahiti are some of the main cruising destinations for superyachts visiting the South Pacific,” continues Frost. “For Seal Superyachts it’s all about connectivity; providing a smoother flow of movement for vessels as they travel either east or west to south east Asia.”

One of the hang-ups of cruising areas that are less developed for the superyacht market, such as the Pacific Ocean, is that level of servicing will not be able to meet the expectations of the modern owner. Frost believes that daily international flights ensure a top level of servicing, all be it with a little more organisation that the European superyachting hubs required.

However, Frost does concede that superyachting infrastructure in the Pacific Ocean is limited by a lack of haul-out and refit facilities. One of the aims of developing the the Pacific Ocean servicing route is to drive superyachts towards Australasia where there is ample infrastructure in place.

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