How does one evaluate the legitimacy of an emerging market or the demise of a superyachting superpower? In 2016’s Edition of The Superyacht Intelligence Annual Report, we evaluate the past, present and future to explore which geographical markets are on the rise and which markets are facing a slowdown.

By comparing total fleet data, deliveries between 2011-2015 and the Global Order Book (GOB), The Superyacht Intelligence Agency’s data analysts are able to prove that the historical strength of a market is not always an adequate indicator of its current health.

For Italy, the world’s foremost superyacht producer in terms of units, the historical data does not accurately reflect its dominance. While the country’s builders account for 30.1 per cent of the total number of deliveries to date, they account for 37.3 per cent of the deliveries between 2011-2015 and 42 per cent of the GOB.

Benetti's MY Ocean Paradise - One of many Benetti yachts that contributes to Italy's status as the most prolific superyacht builder in terms of units produced.

This increase in market share has come at the cost of Italy’s closest historical competitor, who’s title as the world’s second most prolific producer has faded. The US market now stands in fourth place in the global order book, although this represents a rise from its fifth position in terms of delivers within the 2011-2015 period.

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