UK, London. We are proud to present the latest edition of SuperyachtDesign, Q20. The autumn edition focuses on the importance of sharing information and being open to new solutions from other sectors such as the automotive and commercial.

“I’m interested in how we can share technology for mutual benefit,” said CEO of Royal Falcon Fleet Mr M A Zaman at this year’s SuperyachtDESIGN Week. Zaman was one of many to express this desire, as the event saw presentations from keynote speakers such as McLaren’s Andrew Bailey, Patrik Schumacher from Zaha Hadid, Hugo Nightingale from Jaguar and Rob Henderson from UNStudio. We provide a snapshot of the three-day event in Design Event.

SuperyachtDESIGN Week 2014 (image by Suzie Hine)

Another point raised during the design event was how new solutions and innovations are more likely to be discovered when engaging with crew. To get the ball rolling, chief stewardess Agis Variani shares some of the issues she has faced over the years and what is needed to produce a better interior. We also pay a visit to Stefano Pastrovich, founder of Pastrovich Studio and the focus of Case Study, as he celebrates a year in his Monaco-based studio.

Stefano Pastrovich (image by Andrew Johansson)

Katharina Raczek shares her newfound appreciation for giving a new space time to breathe in this edition of Domus Design, as she completes her first residential project. While in Artisan, Eva Menz shares her passion for her craft as we present some of her beautiful suspension pieces.

A piece from Eva Menz's Heron Installation (image by Andrew Johansson)

For Top Yacht we discover the thinking behind the interior of 46m motoryacht Como, designed by Redman Whiteley Dixon. The exterior was created by Dubois Naval Architects, which was also responsible for the design of 37.5m Escapade. The owners of the sloop – the last ever build to come from Fitzroy Yachts – share their design story in this edition of Owner’s Brief.

Escapade (image by Andrea Francolini)

In the past few years, new applications of technology have pushed the evolution of superyacht mast, rig and sail design to previously unimagined levels of performance. Focal Point hears from some of the world’s leading innovators in the field, as we speak to Dassault Systèmes about its 3D solutions and future design tools.

Design Debate asks a panel of experts what the key design and engineering considerations are when catering for plant life and pets on board. While in Perspectives we unearth a concept by Alberto Mercati for a larger version of Adnan Khashoggi’s 85.65m Nabila. This issue also presents the latest conceptual work to come from the drawing boards of Sterling/Scott Yacht Design, Rob Doyle Design, Uniellé Yacht Design, Moore Yacht Design, Design Studio Spadolini, Yankee Delta Studio and Motion Code: Blue.

Where walls can often be the place on which to display great works of art, they can also be the canvas. From wall art to fabric wall panels and mosaics, this issue of Mood Board looks at wall coverings that will bring a unique perspective to a yacht’s interior.

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