The Mallorca marina Port Adriano has increased the length of the largest yacht that can access the marina to 110m.
“Port Adriano was designed and authorized by the government following old  rules that are obsolete when you consider the maneuverability of modern superyachts,” said Antonio Zaforteza, managing director of the marina.
One year into operations, it became apparent to the marina team that the infrastructure was ready to accommodate larger yachts: Over the duration of the 2012-13 winter season, Port Adriano hosted both a 70 and an 80m yacht.

The 99m Madame Gu in Port Adriano

“Earlier this year, we commissioned a new maneuvering study from Siport21,” Zaforteza said. “This study is based on real time simulations of the entrance maneuver. A superyacht captain tested the entrance and exit maneuvers (like F1 drivers do when training on simulators).”

Siport21’s marine simulator systems are often used for commercial vessels, but its use for leisure yachts had been limited to date. Siport21 now offers the opportunity for a captain that is looking to be based in Port Adriano to practice the maneuvers in different wind and wave conditions prior to coming to the port.
“The results of the Siport21 study showed that with the current infrastructure we could accommodate yachts up to 110m in good weather conditions, and that the maneuvering area in front of the largest mooring should be slightly increased to suit maneuvers in more adverse weather conditions,” Zaforteza said. “This minor change is very simple and we are in the process of implementing it now.”

Detail of Port Adriano's new maneuverability study, showing the possible extension

A Siport21 simulation of 110m yacht entering Port Adriano

“In order to increase the quality of the mooring, we are now in the process of exploring whether extending the along-side area by 20m (resulting in 80m) would result in benefits for visiting yachts,” Zaforteza said.

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