At Westrec Marina group's annual FLIBS press conference, the emphasis has been placed on the importance of strategic partnerships for the industry's continued recovery.

Westrec has aligned itself with a number of industry bodies  - the International Superyacht Society (ISS) and the Association of Marina Industries (AMI) - to develop the level of professionalism within Marina management. As Vice President, James Frye said in conversation with, "to be a successful business in this industry you have to focus on the 'whole'; it's about bringing everyone up with you."

In its work with AMI, Westrec has been investing in education for marina managers, to "get past the 'mom and pop' management style and have them run by professionals", in Frye's terms.

Camachee Cove

Marinas are proving an increasingly attractive proposition, as evidenced by Westrec's involvement in St Augustine's Camachee Cove marina. Its president, Peter Sabo said the introduction of an experienced marina group has facilitated "deeper and better management". Westrec has helped to overhaul the marina business model, which had been in contravention of the post-crash climate, and is now tailoring the facility's offering towards superyachts.

Westrec is also active in South America, a region that is garnering a heavy focus. The group admits that protectionist policies continue to stifle the number of superyacht purchases but, with a new president at the helm, and the Olympics on the way, there is hope that pro-industry change is afoot.

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