Recently launched ‘superyacht vacation company’, OceanScape Yachts has announced an ongoing partnership with charitable project YachtAid Global. OceanScape has pledged to support the YachtAid Global in ‘its continuing mission to deliver aid through luxury yachts’. 

OceanScape’s founder, Todd Beechey said he was delighted to be part of the project:

“I am very excited to announce our partnership with YachtAid Global.  We think that there is a very good fit between the two organisations, where we are both using innovative, new approaches to achieve our goals. YAG is doing great work in terms of providing aid and support to maritime communities where providing that support is logistically challenging. With OceanScape Yachts, I want to share some of our successes with an organisation that is having a real impact in an area that is related to the yachting community, and YAG fits that bill perfectly!”

In practice, OceanScape will offer a pragmatic service whereby aid is carried on voyages that visit appropriate destinations. But the main thrust of the ‘partnership’ will be ongoing contributions from OceanScape to YachtAid Global.

OceanScape will offer to carry aid on voyages, where appropriate.

YachtAid Global is also organising an event on board FDR’s presidential yacht, Potomac on the eve of the America’s Cup.

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