OceanScape Yachts has announced a partnership with online travel marketplace Demeure, which specialises in the marketing of luxury properties. OceanScape’s presence will be the first time Demeure has promoted a superyacht offering.

OceanScape founder, Todd Beechey highlighted the potential benefits of being able to pitch a superyacht charter against equivalent villas or resorts, in terms of the potential value consumers can get.

“The value to the yachts is real and immediate”, Beechey explained. “With a captive audience of 350,000 potential guests who have the proven ability and desire to book high-end, quality breaks, the yacht’s marketing capability increases exponentially.

“For yacht owners, the marketplace opens up a significant new demand stream of people who enjoy luxury vacations, but have never considered a superyacht vacation as practical and possible”, Beechey added. “Our goal is to change that thinking, and drive efficiencies for the yacht owner through multiple weeks of bookings on their yachts.”

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