In August 2013, superyacht and high-end residential interior design studio Genesis Yachtline moved down the road to a bigger and better facility in Pisa. Coming up to a year since the move, caught up with Genesis Yachtline president Roberto Lottini about the company’s growth over the past 10 months.

Rather than focusing solely on the superyacht industry, Genesis Yachtline splits its projects between this niche market (which has seen the studio provide interiors for a number of Benetti builds) and that of top-level residential interiors. And with a market that has been little affected by the global economic downturn, Lottini explained how focusing on high-end clients has allowed the company to continue to grow and, as such, move into a new facility.

“I think it was actually a very good choice that we made three years ago, to specialise in high-end interiors, because this is a market that is very strong,” he saidi. As a result, contracts have continued to be signed, and underway at the new Pisa facility, is an interior for a 58m Trinity superyacht, a 103m fully SOLAS-compliant superyacht and a 122m superyacht; all big projects aided by the scale of the 9,295sqm factory.

The new Genesis Yachtline Pisa facility

“The new facility is a state-of-the-art design. Besides the space, which is much bigger and allows us to do more things more efficiently, it is also designed very efficiently,” explained Lottini. “We have one side with all the machines where we make the furniture and the other side is completely dedicated to … a double deck where we fabricate and install our interiors.” The facility, Lottini added, also provides more office space as well as an attached location for the studio’s engineers.

He explained that the new facility perfectly complements the studio’s unique approach to high-end design. “Our interior style is completely dismountable. We have developed this device which is called a clip lock, which is like a clip that allows easy installation. We also barcode every single component of our interior and after many years, if the owner of the boat wants to replace it, he scans the barcode and sends it to us – that’s it. We aren’t in competition with many companies that do what we do – high-end and a practical way to build an interior, which basically can be pre-installed, pre-fabricated and eventually fully manufactured," Lottini explained.

The new facility offers great levels of efficiency, said Robert Lottini

Add this to the new facility, and Lottini believes Genesis Yachtline is cementing its position in the superyacht industry. “Quality is top of the list, and then we have a reputation that we have built over the years of being respectful to the terms of the contracts that we sign. And now with this new facility, we have really stepped up to be one of the world leaders of the industry.”

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