Croatia’s NCP is the latest addition to the ICOMIA Refit group of shipyards, and following a visit to the yard during which The Superyacht Group was told by Goran Prgin, owner of NCP, “[the yard is] able to offer the support and infrastructure that superyachts are used to, but at a cheaper rate than the more established locations on the Med”, The Crew Report approached captains who had recently visited the yard to discern whether it’s a location more captains should be considering.

Captain Tomi Holer recently visited the yard with 70m motoryacht Reverie (Captain Holder is now on board 49m motoryacht Polaris) to undertake planned maintenance on the yacht’s main engines and four generators. Captain Holer admits that there were two key reasons for choosing NCP as the destination for the yacht’s refit: the yard’s quote for the enlisted jobs and feedback from captains who had visited in the past.

“Their facilities and knowledge is incomparable with many yards, as we are talking about decades of craftsmanship, building and repairing [of] various ships,” Captain Holer explains. “Work was carried our quickly and we didn’t have any [negative] remarks on it. All involved personnel were very professional and knowledgeable and it was a pleasure to deal with such great people. Value for money was exceptional, including fuel cost to get there from the South of France. I would not think twice about doing the same job there again.”

Captain Igor Cupic was another captain to visit the yard recently for a refit project. Once again, the decision to undertake the project at NCP was down to the recommendations of the capacity of the yard and its service from other captains. While the yard does not offer on-site crew accommodation, it was very helpful in providing information on local apartments for the crew who, explains Captain Cupic, were very pleased with the results.

For Captain Cupic, NCP is on track to become one of the Mediterranean’s top refit facilities. “My experience [showed] that NCP can be placed at an equal level to any other European shipyard,” though Captain Cupic adds this comment is limited to the specific work carried out on the yacht of which he has experience. “NCP is going in the right direction and I sincerely hope it will be able to keep up with present market demands.”

"I can say that they were very professional and hope to work with them in the future."

A third captain to visit the yard is Captain Andrea Hubicka of motoryacht Follow Me V whose feedback, like the other captains, is that of contentment. “I can express my total satisfaction with the work done and the quality,” he explains. “All request work was done in a timely manner and there was no delayed response provided by the employees of NCP.   Additional requests from my side were considered seriously and, without any questions, were done. I can say that they were very professional and hope to work with them in the future.”

As the Eastern Mediterranean becomes increasingly popular, superyachts will have to look for convenient locations to undergo refit work, and it may be that this latest member of the ICOMIA Refit group has an important part to play in catering to these numbers.

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