Mondo Marine SpA has announced the creation of Mondo Marine MC, which will see the shipyard’s commercial and marketing duties move from the Savona shipyard to a new location in Monaco. Speaking exclusively to, Roberto Zambrini, chief executive of Mondo Marine MC, reveals that a difficult new-build market in Italy and the need for a new marketing strategy are the driving forces behind the decision.

“The decision was made by the fact that here in Monaco there are a lot of brokers, a lot of rich customers and it is a really international place which is the centre of business for the yachting industry,” explains Zambrini, who believes in the effectiveness of concentrating the company’s sales and marketing activities in a strategic geographical place such as Monaco. “So our decision was based on the contacts but also because Mondo Marine needs to have a more international stance in the market. Today we cannot survive just selling to Italians and Europeans because the market is really hard at the moment."

Roberto Zambrini, chief executive of Mondo Marine.

Mondo Marine SpA was taken over by Zambrini and Alessandro Falciai in the first half of 2013, officially sealing the acquisition of the company’s brand and production site on 30 May 2013. It was their joint decision to open Mondo Marine MC in Monaco. “After the acquisition, during the Monaco Yacht Show, we sold a 60m yacht to a Middle-Eastern client and a 40m was sold to a Monaco-based customer,” Zambrini adds. “It was the first time that we were selling to wider territory than before.”

Selling to a wider pool of clientele is not the only target of Mondo Marine’s new marketing strategy. “We will be pushing bigger boat sales,” Zambrini reveals. “We are targeting our production to 40m, 50m and 60m plus yachts as this end of the market seems slightly better – we are seeing more problems with the smaller end of the market.”

Mondo Marine will continue designing and building ships at the Savona production site.

For Zambrini, the move comes at a crucial time for the company due to the current state of the new-build market in Italy. “More enquiries from real customers, not only brokers, are a good sign but the market is still very difficult,” he admits. “There are a lot of potential customers but they are much more sophisticated today. They are not to making decisions in a few weeks because they are getting advice from surveyors, lawyers and they know very well that there are a lot of shipyards, not only in Italy, that are suffering from the current situation of the market. They know that yards will sell at a low price and so they are turning around and negotiating and looking for new deals. A lot of Italian and also Turkish shipyards are really suffering from it.”

Mondo Marine SpA will be celebrating 100 years of business next year, after its origins under the name of Campanella Shipyard in 1915.

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