West Nautical has announced the appointment of Kurt Fraser as the firm’s new commercial director. Having worked with an impressive portfolio of clients in a variety of luxury markets, Fraser is one of few strategically minded and creative marketing specialists in the yachting sector.

As director of marketing at Camper & Nichsolsons International in the three years prior to this appointment, Fraser oversaw a rebrand of the prestigious luxury yachting company, amid major shareholder and corporate changes.

Utilising his field of expertise, one of his first tasks at West Nautical will be to overhaul the brand and introduce innovative new commercial approaches to support superyacht owners and expand the company’s sales brokerage and retail charter services.

“What excites me most about West Nautical is that we have a deep roster of operational, technical and regulatory specialists and supporting staff that are functioning as part of a very happy and collaborative team, and with a great reputation,” Fraser explains.

Fraser believes that West Nautical benefits from not being trapped by traditional approaches and costly operational structures, and instead has the freedom and flexibility to use its pool of experts in innovative new ways. Furthermore, by keeping its fleet of CA yachts small and focused, the firm has the time and resources to give clients an exceptional and very personal service. 

“Many of the sales and marketing activities are no longer conducive to effective lead generation because the sales and marketing landscape has completely changed, and many of the corporate brand-led initiatives are no longer of any direct value to clients. Knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do – and we can remove a lot of necessary evils that other firms are compelled to participate in, but are fundamentally outdated,” he continues.

“Through a combination of a refined creative strategy that focuses on telling every yacht’s unique story and the support of its existing team of specialists, West Nautical is poised to become a next-generation professional services firm that is able to provide tangible service benefits to clients.”


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