Following on from the news that Jacob Nicol, a 22-year-old British crewmember, had been seriously injured after falling from 81.8m Kibo on 3 May 2015, the yacht’s management company, Y.CO, has provided an update on the situation.

“The crewmember’s condition is stable and he continues to receive care at a leading hospital in the UK with the appropriate specialist facilities,” Y.CO released in a statement. “The vessel’s insurer continues to provide every necessary assistance to the crewmember and his family.

“As the yacht’s management company, and on behalf of the vessel’s owners, Y.CO is providing post-incident support to all parties and working closely with the vessel’s insurers and owners to coordinate the full coverage of immediate and ongoing medical expenses, as well as the provision of additional funds to enable his family to remain by his side.”

In addition, rehabilitation experts have been assigned to the case in conjunction with the insurers and are working closely with the patient. As part of their service, a case manager specialised in his type of injury is liaising with the hospital and family to provide independent medical advice and assistance.

“The inquiry into the incident by the Cayman Islands Flag State is ongoing, and a Maritime Authority representative of the Cayman Islands has been appointed to the case,” the statement continues. “Y.CO is supporting the inquiry and offering comprehensive assistance whilst a full report is being compiled. The full report will be publically available upon completion.”

“As the yacht’s managers we remain extremely saddened by this incident,” says Gary Wright, co-founder and chairman of Y.CO. “Our current priority is offering our full support to the crewmember’s family, whom I and my team are in regular contact with, and ensuring that all possible medical and financial assistance is being provided to them by the yacht’s Insurers, and owners.”

The original story we published on the incident can be read here.

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