From 1 April 2014 The Isle of Man Ship Registry will be rewarding energy-efficient vessels 25 per cent of their registration, with a further 10 per cent discount on the annual fee.

The move is part of the registry’s ‘green ship’ incentive scheme. It is also in line with the IMO’s establishment of the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI), which awards a vessel a ‘reduction factor’ that, if better than the IMO’s benchmark, qualifies the vessel for an International Energy Efficiency Certificate.

Commenting on the incentive, Dick Welsh, director of the Isle of Man Ship Registry said:
“[The maritime sector] is a global industry and requires an international solution to the problem of air pollution caused by ships. This ‘green shipping’ initiative is an important part in our drive to reduce emissions from ships and is welcomed by our clients.  We are delighted to be able to reward owners and operators who employ ship efficiency measures ahead of the international implementation dates.
“The Isle of Man is proactive in pursuing green technologies and is establishing a reputation as a jurisdiction to which ‘Clean Tech’ businesses are choosing to relocate’, Welsh added.

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