The merger that occurred in May between International Yacht Collection and Cape4 Yachting has reached complete fruition with the launch of a new name and brand identity. The merged companies have agreed to operate under the simplified name of IYC.

The name provides the foundation for the new message that, according to an IYC press release, ‘will showcase the values of a dynamic, future-thinking business.’ This is also reflected by IYC’s core marketing slogan, ‘It’s Your Choice…we help you make the right one.’

“We are proud of our new brand DNA and feel it reflects the modern, progressive and dynamic nature of our team,” explained Stefanos Macrymichalos, CEO and partner of IYC. “We promise to deliver an unrivalled customer focus that integrates integrity into everything we do.”

At the Monaco Yacht Show 2015 IYC plans to introduce the superyachting community to ‘innovative marketing tools that will challenge the market to think differently.’ These marketing tools will also be evident on IYC’s new website that went live on September 16.

“The new brand identity and language at IYC is only part of the story”, explained Michel Chryssicopolous, another principal partner of IYC, “Our team of client facing professionals will show the market how the next generation of yacht brokers and managers can add real value to become trusted advisors, similar to an owner’s Family Office or Private Banker.”

"Instead of the usual one client one broker system, our entire team are consultants teaming up to deliver an improved level of service to our clients on a global scale," explained Kevin Bonnie, an IYC managing partner. "With the merger and new brand identity we are able to deliver an exceptional service anywhere in the world that our client might want to go."

Over the coming months IYC will roll out a complete brand launch strategy and marketing campaign with the objective of establishing IYC as a new company of choice.

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