The Indo Yacht Support Group (IYSG) has reported a series of important clarifications on foreign vessel entry parameters, taken from a recent meeting held by Indonesia’s Sea Transportation Department in Jakarta, attended by IYSG’s Captain Cilian Budarlaigh.

Budarlaigh has highlighted a few key points that will now be applied to foreign-flagged superyachts entering Indonesian waters, which have been disseminated by IYSG’s Liam Hempsey.

“We consider this the biggest change to Indonesia's foreign yacht policy and are excited to see how it all translates in reality during the coming years”, Hempsey explained. “Captain Cilian has been instrumental in drafting the Perpres laws and opening Indonesia to visiting yachts since 2006. He is a part of the implementation oversight and Deputy Chairman of the Welcome Yacht Community.”

A yacht must apply for a cruising permit before entering Indonesian waters, although this can be procured via an e-CAIT form, which can be issued in as little as 24 hours, according to Hempsey. The Indonesian customs department has committed to enhancing the quality of its online database management, although a timescale for this project was not specified.

Once in Indonesian waters, foreign vessels do not require clearances at each port of call; clearance is now reserved to the first entry and the last exit ports.  Foreign yacht owners can also now sign their own guarantee, which allows them to temporarily import their vessel.

There is plenty to see among Indonesia's countless islands. Image courtesy of Rebecca Taylor.

A statement from Indonesian Luxury Yacht Charters read, ‘each of the islands has its own individual identity.  While Bali is the most well known island of Indonesia, the myriad of other islands in the archipelago are quickly gaining more limelight in this glittering tropical landscape.’

However, foreign-flagged vessels are forbidden from chartering, although the government is apparently encouraging public-private partnerships in the provision of marine infrastructure such as marinas, and Hempsey claimed that IYSG is involved in a number of marina projects as a consultant. The Sea Transportation Department also committed to the provision of floating docks at 58 harbours, which could be used by superyacht tenders to come ashore.

“Indo Yacht Support have been the pioneers of superyacht visits to Indonesia for more than a decade, and continue to pioneer the cause with central government to effect substantive changes to ease entry and cruising”, Hempsey added.

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