IGY Marinas is set to launch a new community service project in 2016. 'Inspire Giving Through You' will take place on 20 February and 11 June spanning America and the Caribbean. The project comprises a series of events across IGY's network of marinas and will call on staff, marina associates, Anchor Club sponsors, superyacht owners and crew to partner with non-profit organisations to engage in charitable initiatives for local causes. These will range from refurbishing community spaces to working with youth groups.

Tom Mukamal, CEO, said of the initiative, "It is important to show our communities and the world the depth of IGY's collective spirit and commitment to our valued destinations. We hope this call to action serves as a model for the marina industry and an inspiration to others."

Speaking to SuperyachtNews.com ahead of FLIBS, Mukamal underlined the importance of community engagement. In an era of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), there are proven residual benefits in bolstering the local economy and infrastructure of the vicinity in which one operates. As well as the obvious humanitarian positives such action creates, a destination business such as a marina can improve its own economic status if the support network around it functions efficiently. IGY's development plan for the year ahead incorporates both organic and inorganic growth as it works to underline the company's status as one of the leading superyacht marina operators.

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