We asked today's captains if they think the superyacht industry is over-regulated.

So, Captain Mike Rouse of M/Y La Familia, are we over-regulated?

Personally l don’t see us as being over-regulated; I see inconsistent application of regulations as the issue.

We have just cruised Italy, Genoa, through Sardinia, Naples, the Aeolian Islands and Siciliy, then up the east coast of Brindisi, Ortona, Ravenna to Venice. We dealt with the usual well-known agencies and every single one asked for different documentation. When our first officer questioned them on the differing requirements they cited “local regulations”.

Now, some of these ports where less than 50nm apart. This leaves the boat questioning what is required in the next port and if what they have submitted is correct, It can create suspicion regarding the request for different information as anyone’s time has a cost. There may be an argument for harmonising some regulations throughout the EU to ensure consistency. 

Just take a look at security training for crew. A lot of crew agencies and management companies require Security Awareness, not PDSD, which is what is required – again inconsistent application of regulations

Why are private yachts allowed to be non-ISM compliant? Surely the same dangers exist and the likely hood of an accident going unreported is far greater? I have dealt with numerous companies for ISM and all have vastly different interpretations of the regulations. 

Ultimately l don’t see us as being over-regulated. Our inconsistency when it comes to the application of regulations is the issue. Anything that makes the industry safer has to be embraced.

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On Wednesday 18 November, the Global Superyacht Forum (GSF) is hosting a think tank on over-regulation. See the GSF programme here or register here.

Do you think we're over-regulated? Leave your comments below.

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