Polina Parshina and Alex Hull

UK, Shoreditch. Furniture designer Alex Hull and former head of product and brand development at Linley Polina Parshina have announced the start of a new furniture studio called Hull Studio. Launched this week, the ethos behind the studio lies in exploring the relationship between traditional craftsmanship, modern technology and organic design. The duo share 15 years of experience in the design, production and management of furniture, and are soon to be joined by David Winter, formerly of Silverlining.

“We all share a passion for innovation, contemporary organic design and highly skilled manufacturing and see this as a very exciting opportunity to explore other areas of design, as well as broaden our materials and techniques portfolio,” says Hull.

Putting their time at Silverlining and Linley — two of the finest bespoke furniture specialists in the industry — to good use, the studio already has plenty of work with commissions for yacht and residential projects, as well as art furniture, product design and installations. Art furniture pieces by Hull have also been exhibited at major international exhibitions, including PAD Paris and PAD London and can be seen at Art Basel in June 2014 with Gallery FUMI.

Split Chair

“This is something that we have been thinking about for quite a while now, even before we teamed up with Jamie at Linley,” says Parshina. “We worked on the superyacht side of the business and have got it to where we wanted and needed to get it, and so now is the right time to do our own thing.”

Parshina goes on to tell us that one of the main aims of the studio is to be “more radical and a risk taker”, which they are now able to do under their own name. Innovation and material exploration is the key to the future for this young company, which will focus on the design and management of production rather than open its own workshop facilities.

“We know all the various workshops and are looking forward to exploring new and exciting materials and techniques, while also remembering and honouring traditional methods,” says Parshina. “We are really looking forward to working with, and learning from, large and established manufacturers going forward and exploring the product design side of the business.”

We hope to bring you more news on the studio and its range of furniture including the Split Chair, one of its more popular pieces.

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