Hodgdon Shipbuilding has announced the opening of its new 2,000sqm Hodgdon Custom Tenders facility in Damariscotta. This follows the merger of Boothbay Region Boatyard and Wotton’s Wharf, and is part of the company’s five-pronged business model, which comprises yacht building, custom tender building, military building, interiors, and most recently, superyacht refit. 

Speaking exclusively to SuperyachtNews.com Ed Roberts, director of sales and marketing explained the need for a move to a larger tender construction facility. It is part of the ongoing diversification of the organisation, whereby each division will be focused at a specific location.

“More pragmatically,” he explained, “the move was necessitated because we have outgrown our existing facility’s capacity with the projects we have going… We simply needed the space.
“And the tender business has been robust enough for us that it makes sense to have a dedicated facility where we can stay undistracted from other work”, he added.

Hodgdon's Limo Tender.

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