Heesen, the Dutch shipbuilder, has announced the completion and opening of its new shed. The new workspace will double Heesen’s capacity to produce superyachts in the 65-82m range, a range that is becoming increasingly important to Heesen’s ambitions following the launch of 70m M/Y Galactica Super Nova earlier this year.


“We have recognised, and I am sure you have seen it to, that the market out there is moving up from the 40-50m range to the 50-60m range as it core,” starts Arthur Brouwer.  “Equally, we are receiving more and more requests in the 65-80m. We currently have the capacity to build one 70m vessel, with this new shed we can do two.”


Brouwer explains that Heesen’s ability to produce aluminium yachts up to 75m, “and maybe a little bigger soon”, has led to an influx of enquiries from America, both North and South, where the clientele put a greater emphasis on sporty design and speed. “It’s a different market when you look at aluminium, the customer is looking for sporty lines and a fast boat - like Galactica Super Nova, which can reach over 30 knots.”


That being said, Brouwer is keen to express that Heesen will continue to build in steel as much as it builds in aluminium. However, with the cost of building in steel and aluminium becoming ever closer to parity, the allure of large aluminium projects will continue to grow, projects that not many other yards are able to complete.


The new shed replaces Heesen’s sheds one and two, and measures 98x30x22m and places an emphasis on using the most up-to-date technology in order to reduce construction risks and decrease build time. Temperature and humidity are controlled, the floor is heated, it has automatic sun-tracker lights on the roof and an air filtering system provides optimal conditions for painting.


“The new shed is our investment in the future and secures our ability to retain a client’s custom throughout the sizes,” concludes Brouwer.



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