On the site of the former US army depot outside Southampton is the Hythe Marine Park, home to Green Marine, one of the world's leading carbon and composite boat builders. It's here where the entire fleet of next generation Volvo Ocean Race (VOR) boats are being built, and also where the crossover between pure racing and superyacht building becomes apparent.

Sitting inside boat one of the new VOR 65s, Geoff Stock, Green Marine's technical director points to an accelerometer on a forward bulkhead. "This is an example of what we're working on for these boats, but also what we will be offering to our superyacht clients", Stock explained. "It's relatively easy to measure pressure on a V1 stay, but knowing what forces are being applied to these internal bulkheads, together with speed, wind direction and everything else, we're building a model of how these structures actually perform. We'll be getting the data back from seven of these boats and, working with Gurit, we're aiming to develop a pretty straightforward system back at the helm that lets the crew know if they're pushing the boat too hard. It's about analysing all that data and getting it to the sailor in a simple, effective display."

"Under the floorboards" racers and sailing yachts are very much the same says Green Marine's Geoff Stock.

While the VOR fleet are effectively naked boats with bare carbon and spartan amenities, Stock is quick to point out that under their floorboards and behind the wall panels, award-winning superyachts like Sarissa and Hamilton look exactly the same, and indeed the same project managers oversee the projects.

"What's changing is the level of system design integration," Stock says. "With each superyacht we do, we get better at ensuring the initial designs comprise as much system detail as possible before we get to the shop floor. It's saving us thousands of hours."

Geert Schouten, the interim managing director after the departure in May of Marcel Muller, says the business is doing well and, while no new superyacht contracts have been signed, they are following up "several very good leads."

"There are a lot of boats being quoted at the moment," Stock confirmed. "Certainly up from last year and the year before."

A full report on Green Marine will appear in the next issue of The Superyacht Report.

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