The Superyacht Group and Master Yachts have published the first in a series of quarterly white papers providing an overview of the industry’s pertinent topics. This inaugural report offers, ‘A guide to operating within the fiscal confines of European cruising grounds: Summer 2014’.

The rapidly evolving European fiscal landscape has presented seemingly endless conundrums for captains at the receiving end of owners’ questions. As has been well documented previously, France’s favourable treatment of the superyacht sector has been partially reined in under EU scrutiny, whilst the Spanish government appears to be awaking to the opportunities yachting can afford its economy, following extensive lobbying on the part of the industry.

Options for cruising, too, are expanding beyond the traditional confines of the western Mediterranean. Superyacht owners are now, more than ever before looking further east and this has established areas such as Croatia, Montenegro and Greece as viable options for summer yachting activity. These jurisdictions, though, have their own fiscal regimes that captains must understand before navigating or chartering.

This white paper has, therefore, compiled the essential information for the coming season from each of Europe’s major cruising grounds from locally based legal and fiscal experts. Each expert has detailed the parameters for operating within their jurisdiction in an easily digestible format.

And despite its seemingly turgid nature, it is clear that fiscal issues are of significant concern to large swathes of the industry, while there is seemingly a lack of understanding on their specifics. With this in mind, The Superyacht Group and Master Yachts have made this invaluable paper available for free. So, to download the white paper, click here.

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