The last time The Superyacht Group spoke to Ed Sacks was in the latter end of 2013; he had taken up the role as head of US operations for another Italian shipyard, ISA, due to his relationship with Marcello Maggi, who had asked Sacks to assist with expanding ISA’s presence in the US. “I continued my association subsequent to Marcello’s departure until I was comfortable that the objective had been met. Fortunately, I am not in need of a job, and intended to return to working on my golf game, when I had the good fortune to be introduced to Beniamino Gavio.

“’Mino’ is the head of the Gavio Group, one of Europe’s largest engineering and construction companies, and owner of the Baglietto Shipyard. He shared his vision, passion and commitment, and asked me to serve on the Board of Directors and join him to help create the 'new' Baglietto. It was, as the saying goes, ‘an offer I could not refuse’.” Sacks will head up the new Baglietto office in Fort Lauderdale, USA.

Sacks said that Baglietto has conducted a large amount of market research and has structured its production to accommodate what the company believes will appeal to the traditional US buyer. “Case in point: at their facility in La Spezia, which embraces 35,000 square metres, they will build six yachts under simultaneous production, with three to four new deliveries each year,” he explained. “With hull and superstructure supplied internally, Baglietto will become one of the very few vertically integrated shipyards in the industry.”

The following vessels, all designed by Francesco Paszkowski, are currently under production at Baglietto:

• 46m steel and aluminum (Displacement Line), to be delivered in September 2014
• 54m steel and aluminum, to be delivered in April 2015: this yacht has been sold
• 43m aluminum (Fast Line) to be delivered in May 2015: this yacht has been sold
• 46m aluminum (Fast Line) to be delivered in April 2015

Construction will also start on a 55m (Displacement Line) in October, to be followed by a 62m (Displacement Line), and a 35m (Fast Line), specifically engineered for use in the Bahamas.

“As one can observe, the shipyard is busy and there is much going on in La Spezia. Spirits are high, activity is robust, and Gavio is investing $25 million to expand the shipyard,” said Sacks. “This will include modernising the Executive Offices and a shed for the construction of 70m yachts. The future is bright, and it is a good time to be at Baglietto!”

The Baglietto 46m displacement yacht

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