Delicioso, the yacht provisioner based in Palma de Mallorca and Fine Wine Works have entered into a partnership.

Founder of Delicioso, Helen Richards began working with Fine Wine Works last year sourcing fine wines from the French Riviera based company. The collaboration aims to benefit the provisioning of yachts and enable crew to receive quality, accurate and on-time deliveries.

"I am excited to be working with Fine Wine Works. We will now be able to offer a full wine provisioning service for our clients with a superior wine list. Many of these wines will be stocked at Delicioso, enabling us to offer clients a same day delivery service. Also available is a tailored bespoke service for the more tricky wines, backed up by Fine Wine Works expertise, to ensure we can find your specific requests. The wine courses are the icing on the cake for us and complete the wine jigsaw puzzle. We are now proud to be your one stop shop for all your provisioning requirements,” Richards stated.

Delicioso will now also be offering PYA approved WSET courses at all three levels in Palma de Mallorca. Helen Brotherton of Fine Wine Works will be conducting most of the teaching as a qualified Master of Wine.

“Our new partnership with Delicioso means that we can truly support some of our loyal yacht clients from our South of France base, and reassure them that our fierce commitment to service and to getting them the wines they want and need, and also their off-season training requirements, now also follows them to the Balearics.
"We are extremely positive about this first 2014 season working with Delicioso and we’ll raise a glass to that!” Brotherton said.

Delicioso and Fine Wine Works are running their next courses in March. The collaboration will also be working with Jen Woodruff of Escapade Bars in Mallorca to be able to offer the first PYA approved cocktail courses. The courses will begin in Mallorca in the spring.