It's hard to imagine what life as a captain must be like during the Monaco Yacht Show, but it was something I was thinking about this weekend - a couple of hundred yachts sitting in port or at anchor, and several more just around the corner, all lying in wait for the thousands of people who want a piece of them. Be they sales men & women, suppliers, brokers, shipyards, recruitment companies, the local harbour master, the local provisioner, the on board crew, the out of work crew and not to mention the owner who is trying to sell his yacht!

It must be quite interesting to think that, for a full seven days, including the set up and dismantling of the show, all of these floating assets are sitting - waiting for VIPs to traipse over their pristine decks and polished interiors. Each morning the crew get their orders to scrub, hose and wipe every exterior surface, the deliveries come and go, the rubbish is carried off and the guests, if they are staying on board, try to have a peaceful breakfast while all of the commotion is going on around them.

Then, after a day of yacht tours and repetitive conversations, the captain has to get his yacht prepped for the myriad identical parties and social interactions between anyone and everyone who hop from deck to deck. It is a never ending story, one that would break a normal man or woman, but captains are made of steel, carbon fibre and teak, just like their commands.

So in addition to the programme they are faced with, there is then the piles of invitations and requests for captains to go to every conceivable social gathering, crew hub or hangout that has been sponsored or hosted, each morning, noon to late into the night. The demands are huge and the message is very simple - it is easy to see why captains just want to stay on board and hide out on their bridge, and it is easy to imagine that all they want to do is try to grab a bite to eat with a good gang of like-minded captains and escape the madness.

Anyway, to put it all in perspective, if anyone manages to attract and entertain the variety of captains who will be in Monaco, please see it as a bonus and make sure you thank them for taking the time out of their schedule to join you. A special message from me and The Superyacht Group -  If any captain needs to escape from the yacht and/or wants to send their owner off for a few minutes respite, don't forget to join us at The Superyacht Owner's VIP Lounge at Virage. And for those captains who are ready to sit down and crash with their peers after an intense few days at the show, we are also serving bacon sandwiches on Saturday morning from 09.00, at Virage again, by way of a Captains' and Senior Crew Brunch See you there!

Contact or call +44 7595 062 848 to confirm your VIP registration or to book a table.

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