BWA Yachting, the global superyacht agent and support services provider has announced a formal partnership agreement with D-Marin, the most extensive marina network in the Eastern Mediterranean basin, with 11 marinas.

The two companies will offer a diverse set of services to superyachts, superyacht owners, guests and crew across their combined worldwide footprint.
BWA Yachting provides a global network of marine and shore-side facilitation services for superyachts sailing around the world.

With marinas throughout Turkey, Greece, Croatia and Montenegro, D-Marin is a leader in the berthing and maintenance of yachts in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

The intent of the commercial agreement between BWA Yachting and D-Marin is to enhance the appeal of the Eastern Mediterranean to the owners, guests, managers and crew of superyachts.
“We’re very excited to be able to offer our renowned service and support to superyacht customers across the exciting and diverse Eastern Mediterranean, with our strategic partner D-Marin,” said Stefano Tositti, CEO of BWA.
“We are very happy to create such cooperation with BWA, which I believe will bring a new perspective and a promising future for superyacht activities in Eastern Mediterranean“, said Kemal Saatcioglu, CEO of D-Marin.

Speaking exclusively to upon announcing the partnership, Saatcioglu said the move was simply the formalisation of an existing practice.

The aim, he explained, "is to offer both companies' services to each other’s customers. While D-Marin provides berthing services to BWA customers within the locations that D-Marin operates, BWA will provide their services to the customers of D-Marin whom need such assistance.

"This cooperation is based on exclusivity, not on obligation, for both parties. There will also be some mutual organisation during some of the major boat shows."

Flisvos Marina is one of the jewels in D-Marin's crown.

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