As soon as someone starts talking about the perks of being a crewmember, crewmembers will (quite fairly) often come back with complaints about being stuck in tiny cabins with people they barely know (let’s me honest, sharing a bunk at the age of 35 is not ideal). Or is this just how we think the conversation goes? 

According to our Superyacht Golden Ticket crew survey, 37.9 per cent of you have a cabin all to yourself (most likely if you’re on yachts of 60m or larger) – and we’re not just talking about captains and chief engineers. While these two positions do take the lion’s share of having a single berth cabin (71.2 per cent of captains have their own cabin – although just 55.1 per cent are extremely satisfied with it – as do 39.6 per cent of chief engineers), there are other positions that do pretty well in the stakes. Forty per cent of ETOs have their own cabins, as do 30.4 per cent of bosuns, 28.6 per cent of pursers and 25.6 per cent of second and junior engineers.

It’s less good news for some other positions, however. AV/IT engineers are the least likely to have their own cabin (none of those who took our survey could say this for themselves), followed by chefs (6.3 per cent) and junior and second stews (8.23 per cent). Chief stews don’t fare too well either. As a head of department, only 11.1 per cent of chief stews have their cabin all to themselves.

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