Offering up a bit of a challenge to the industry and the way things have run for ages, Chris Cecil-Wright took a leap two years ago when he left the world of the 'big five' and LYBrA behind to start his own smaller, more intimate brokerage firm, where he could spend less time on office admin and more time on building relationships with clients.

With the capacity to take on more, Cecil-Wright and his team are keen to remain small and loyal to their current list of clients, while growing organically. "We take clients from personal recommendation", he explains. "Our game is to stay small and focused on our clients. Of course, we're interested in making our business successful, but our time and energy is on relationship building and sending relevant information to relevant people".

Since the creation of LYBrA and the long established 'big five' brokerage houses, the market has operated in much the same way. And as such, some argue it has become archaic and out of date. From marketing to drawing in new business, there is a divide between the brokers who embrace the new realities of selling yachts, adapting to their changing surroundings, and those that see no issue with how things are and have been operating as usual for a number of years.

Chris Cecil-Wright and Liz Cox in their
London office designed by Andrew Winch

As an outsider to the LYBrA association, Cecil-Wright thinks it's down to the fact that some think thereis a limited amount of business available and there isn't room for everyone. The reality however, is different: clients are as numerous as the number of brokers. There are the clients who are happy to Google a yacht, ring up any broker on the other end of the line and close the deal. While others are looking for a long-term partnership and earning the trust of one another.

This is where the ethos of Cecil Wright & Partners fit in. "We're looking into building an identity, yes. But more importantly, it's building a reputation and relationship with clients", Chris explains. "If you offer a great service, chances are you'll get a repeat client: stay focused on the relationship, remain very honest, give straightforward, fast and efficient service and you'll continue to grow with the client".

With an impressive list of new build projects underway, mostly with Feadship, it seems that their current formula appears to be paying off.

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