Dates for the 2014 Antibes Yacht Show have been announced as the 24-27 April and will take place in Port Vauban.

The organisers have said that the dates may change slightly - to the 23-26 - to “accommodate the professionals and yachts” due to the busy boat show season and that they will announce any changes by the end of the year.

The show will also be allowing shipyards to participate in next year’s show, following an increasing number of requests from yards to take part. “There will not be a defined space for the shipyards in the first year, we will look at the sizes and the models of the yachts and try to put the large yachts together and the sporty and the sailing yachts,” said Muriel Pénoty, communications manager for the Antibes Yacht Show. “As much as this is possible, however, the brokers still want their yachts to be together and sometimes a broker also represents a shipyard, so then the shipyard will be next to the broker.”

Yachts berthed during the 2013 Antibes Yacht Show.

The expansion of the show also reflects on the potential expansion Port Vauban itself.

On 6 September ASAP Antibes, held a conference to launch their agenda regarding activities surrounding the development. “ASAP's agenda has become clearer recently and has proposed to re-launch the working groups”, said Pénoty, who is also the treasurer for ASAP Antibes. “We have decide to render a logbook to the Town of Antibes by the end of May 2014, (the Mayor's election will be taking place during the month of May) thus giving the new administration the tools they would need to make a final project decision. We're pretty optimistic as many people who were present during the last meeting signed up. We're still compiling all the listings and we'll get the working groups going very soon.”

The development has caused some disharmony as local residents are divided in opinion about what the development could mean for the area. “We're still working in informing the towns' people as they are not often aware of the economic impact the port can and could have on the town,” said Pénoty.

With regards to the show, Pénoty pointed out that any work on the harbour shouldn’t have any negative impact on the show and if the size of the International Yacht Club Antibes (IYCA) does increase this won’t happen before 2021. “[The developments] will also help to relocate the yachts we have to move. Port Vauban is a private port and we need to relocate the yachts of which we use the berths for the show. And it's not always easy to find enough empty berths in Port Vauban at the time of the show.”

With developments taking place in other areas of the Mediterranean it is hoped that a development of Port Vauban will keep France up to date with providing space for more and larger yachts.

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