Marco Francesco Mazzù, head of origination strategies and market development, Fincantieri Yachts, sat down with to discuss how business has been at the yard and what Fincantieri's future plans are.

SYN: How has Fincantieri evolved over the last year or two following the various corporate changes?

In the last two years Fincantieri acquired a majority shareholding in Vard, which is headquartered in Norway, listed in Singapore, and a leader in high-end OSVs and in the summer of 2014 Fincantieri listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. In 2013, Fincantieri recorded more than €3.8bn in revenue, approximately €300 in EBITDA, and a backlog of €9.5b as of the first half 2014. We have a global footprint of 21 yards across four continents and 13 countries, with approximately 20,400 employees and 80,000 subcontractors.

SYN: What is going to be the yard's focus in the coming months?

In the last period, Fincantieri Yachts initiated a series of actions that we, as management, will maintain over the next few months. Firstly, we will continue to focus on delivering what we have promised to our current (and new) customers: high quality products and a full commitment and passion for the work we do. Secondly, we will reposition the Fincantieri Yachts brand toward “Technology of Beauty”, i.e., advanced technology and “applied creativity”, which on one hand delivers a true and unique luxury lifestyle on board and, on the other, enables the creation of products of absolute beauty. Thirdly, we are working to reinforce our presence in the 70-100m segment, through the introduction of innovative technology and new concepts/products.

Marco Francesco Mazzù, head of origination strategies and market development, Fincantieri Yachts

SYN: What is Fincantieri's key to building strong relationships with its clients?

Our key has been – and will remain – to focus on what owners consider as important factors: the quality of the yachts we build, the ability of the shipyard to turn their unique wishes of luxury lifestyles into a reality, and working in a cooperative way with the owner and his/her team.

SYN: What do you think needs to change in the industry?

I feel the industry, in recent years and after the crisis, has undergone a natural restructuring and has renewed focus towards high-quality brands. I believe we will see more of this in the future as well as more focus on innovation and increasing attention on green aspects.

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