This year has brought about the unequivocal realisation that we must treat the planet, and each other, with more respect. And, in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, our industry can take nothing for granted. This crisis has plunged the global economy into an unprecedented trough, and many businesses may not survive the economic backlash of the coronavirus pandemic. Those that do, however, will emerge into a Brave New World, with as many opportunities as there are challenges. By November, The Superyacht Forum 2.0 will provide a platform for the industry to come together as one, and forge a new, collective future.


From the moment Government officials and WHO representatives used the word ‘lockdown’, we became hyper-aware of the impact this would have on our usually-transient industry’s ability to converse and collaborate. The Superyacht Forum 2.0 will reunite our industry in Amsterdam for a celebration of networking, connection and learning, in what will be the first meeting of key stakeholders since the crisis began.

This event provides one opportunity for the greatest minds from every sector and regional market to map out how we rebuild and refocus the superyacht industry in the wake of its toughest challenge to date...


We will assemble industry leaders and decision-makers from around the world at the RAI, Amsterdam, for a series of strategic meetings, workshops and discussions focused on the future, with the output a more collaborative, innovative and robust superyacht industry that better serves an ever-changing and increasingly altruistic client base. In November, we will provide a frank, intelligence evaluation of the market, and drawing on the insight of the best business minds, map a path to recovery and prosperity for the market as a whole.


Over the course of three days, we will hone in on every sector of our industry. Each day will cover a different focus, with the three days encompassing three core themes: The Design & Build Day, The Business & Ownership Day and The Technology & Operations Day.

The Superyacht Forum 2.0 will incorporate elements from the postponed Design Forum and bring together the key disciplines from each sector of the industry so that this is a truly inclusive event. In addition, in the wake of a time when we were all communicating virtually, for the first time we will be introducing a live stream element to The Superyacht Forum 2.0. Several-thousand additional industry stakeholders will be able to log in live and participate in the discussions, and watch some of the keynote sessions from their yacht or office. This will broaden the horizon of the event and deliver a platform for the wider industry to influence the future of our market, in what will underline the forum’s status as the One event the superyacht industry should attend in 2020.

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