There are so many reasons to participate in the new version of The Superyacht Forum Live. Over the past 25 years, delegates have flown into Amsterdam from all corners of the world for three days of meetings and debates, social interaction, and traditional networking, but the Pandemic has changed the event landscape and the new format has a multi-dimensional approach. We have been delivering a series of One to One – Digital Dialogues since the arrival of the Pandemic, talking to some of the most interesting, influential, and innovative characters in the industry. These will then lead to a series of virtual round tables and debates, followed by some on-demand filming sessions, as part of our Live Tour, with various experts talking live from some of the major Superyacht Hubs, culminating in a live, virtual, and interactive programme that will be delivered in Amsterdam in mid-November, with our new flagship event The Superyacht Forum Live.

To participate in The Superyacht Forum Live - One to One: Digital Dialogues – once registered, we will send personal links, so you can watch them on demand.

To participate in The Superyacht Forum Live - Virtual Round Tables – once registered, you will be asked for your list of interests, knowledge, and expertise and will be invited to participate.

To participate in The Superyacht Forum Live Tour – once registered, we will keep you informed of the locations and times, so you can request your seat at the table.

To physically participate in The Superyacht Forum Live: Amsterdam – once registered, you will be invited to fly or drive to Amsterdam in November and secure your seat in the Auditorium, where you will meet hundreds of your industry peers and participate in high-level discussions, dynamic networking and listen to some of the most inspiring minds on the planet.

To virtually participate in The Superyacht Forum Live: Amsterdam – once registered, you will be invited to join on-line meeting rooms and meet hundreds of industry peers across the world for discussions, networking and idea exchanges.

Even though the Pandemic has delayed our plans and progress, we are confident that by November, the majority of our industry will be able to meet for three very unique days, in-person in Amsterdam. However, the impact has made us think, analyse and review how we can deliver something different and valuable in the virtual space.

So, at this stage, all you need to do is register your interest, and once registered, we will contact you with the above invitations, information, updates, and plans for the rest of the year and our new Superyacht Forum Live.