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Mar 5 2021 9:30PM

Innov:8 Series - A balance between technology and efficiency

Jack Hogan talks to Wards Marine Electrics about their switchboard automation system.

Mar 5 2021 9:30PM

Innov:8 Series - Navigating in uncharted waters

Jack Hogan talks to WASSP about their Multibeam Sonar that allows captains to explore more safely than ever before.

Mar 5 2021 9:00PM

Innov:8 Series - Viraver: modern pioneers in glass

Jack Hogan talks to Viraver about their innovative glass solutions for superyachts that challenge the laws of physics.

Mar 5 2021 9:00PM

Innov:8 Series - Vikand’s journey to protect the industry from COVID-19

Jack Hogan talks to Vikand about its ‘PYURE’ technology & rapid covid testing onboard.

Mar 5 2021 9:00PM

Innov:8 Series - Rack centralisation with Videoworks’ Key Core Solution

Jack Hogan talks with Videoworks about thier new Virtual Reality lighting rendering software.

Mar 5 2021 8:00PM

Innov:8 Series - Veinland sees increasing requests for cyber security support

Jack Hogan talks to Veinland about providing solutions.

Mar 5 2021 7:30PM

Innov:8 Series - A bridge between innovative technology and the sea

Jack Hogan speaks to TEAM Italia as they celebrate their 20-year anniversary.

Mar 5 2021 7:00PM

Innov:8 Series - Is it a bird? Is it a drone?

Jack Hogan talks to Robin Radar about the world’s smallest 3D drone detection, tracking and classification radar.

Mar 5 2021 7:00PM

Innov:8 Series - OneOcean offers one overarching solution

Jack Hogan talks to OneOcean about a complete comprehensive digital compliance tool, encompassing multiple operation elements.

Mar 5 2021 7:00PM

Innov:8 Series - Foresight, risk and innovation

Jack Hogan speaks to Quantum Stabilisers about how to hold your position at the head of the market.

Mar 5 2021 6:30PM

Innov:8 Series - Sustainability is the new luxury

Jack Hogan speaks to Lanéva Boats about dispelling the myths of electric watercraft.

Mar 5 2021 6:30PM

Innov:8 Series - Preparing for the next generation

Jack Hogan talks to OmniAccess about Plexus Unity answers current challenges in connectivity and preparing for the future.

Mar 5 2021 6:00PM

Innov:8 Series - Cost-saving, ease and continuity

Jack Hogan talks to IDEA Data Solutions and how their management software can vastly improve the efficiency of superyacht operations.

Mar 5 2021 6:00PM

Innov:8 Series - Sustainable yachting

Jack Hogan speaks to Kongsberg about sustainable yachting & remote underwater drone operation.

Mar 5 2021 6:00PM

Innov:8 Series - The final frontier

Jack Hogan talks to Intellian about a new era for satcomms, and how superyachts can and should future-proof their vessels now.

Mar 5 2021 5:30PM

Innov:8 Series - SCR + DPF = a complete superyacht solution

Jack Hogan speaks to HUG Engineering about how they have developed a solution that simultaneously meets IMO Tier III regulations while eliminating soot.

Mar 5 2021 5:00PM

Innov:8 Series - Innovative solutions for creative designs

Jack Hogan talks to Custom Marine Developments in regards to how they deliver bespoke systems for superyachts and tenders.

Mar 5 2021 5:00PM

Innov:8 Series - Treat your water right

Jack Hogan speaks to Evac about exploring HEM’s one-stop-shop solution for high-quality water treatment systems.

Mar 5 2021 4:30PM

Innov:8 Series - Space-saving and simplicity

Jack Hogan speaks to C.N.SAT about tackling two of the central issues with on board entertainment systems.

Mar 5 2021 4:30PM

Innov:8 Series - Control and stabilisation with CMC Marine

Jack Hogan talks to Sam Crockford from CMC about their latest developments in electrically-actuated control and stabilisation technology.


One to One

Digital Dialogues

Mar 17 2021 2:40PM

The Human Factor - building the right people for the future!

Ken Hickling from Viking Maritime examines the importance of having the right people in the right jobs in the industry.


The only event in super yachting world worth participating

dario savino
Dolce Gabbana

A Forum where actual real topics are treated and also dares to discuss "sensitive" topics

Farouk Nefzi

The annual superyacht industry rendezvous: where to network, when to get inspired for the upcoming year and how to partner with key players.

Juliette Warter

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