Following a recent article regarding the requirement for jet skit users in France to wear buoyancy aids with lights, we have received a number requests for information as to what is most practical for yachts comply. Superyacht PWC think they have found a solution and have provided us with this review of the suitable equipment.

If you’re planning on cruising in France and have jet skis on board, you may wish to review the French jet ski regulations, a section of which is often overlooked by us all. A basic translation of one part of the regulations, which was added by the authorities in 2014 is that ‘the users must wear a 50N buoyancy aid with a water activated light, with a battery life of a minimum of 6 hours’.

It is believed that this regulation was added after the sad death of a jet ski user near Saint Mandrier, who was thrown from a jet ski shortly before dusk and who’s body was not found for over 48 hours.

This issue was brought to the attention of Superyacht PWC after reports from yachts who had been visited by the French Gendarmerie Maritime about this matter.

The main focus was not only looking for a light that meets the regulations with regards to battery life and water activation, but one that can practically be attached to a buoyancy aid.

The light chosen has a low profile dome, ensuring a large light beam but reducing the possibilities of damage whilst being worn. The light activates automatically when in the water but importantly (bearing in mind its area of use) can be easily turned off manually.

Though there are many life jacket lights on the market, this one is unique in its attachment system. Unlike traditional lifejacket lights that are designed to be fixed to the air inflation tube of an inflatable life jacket, this one also comes with a secure Velcro strap, which is ideal to allow it to be attached to the belt or shoulder of a buoyancy aid.

Product Features:

Type of battery: Lithium

Flash frequency: 55 per minute

Light output: 0.75 candela

Light duration: 8 hours

Marine Equipment Directive: SOLAS 96/98

Dimensions: H 26.9 x L 55.9 x W 37.8 mm

Weight: 35g

The lights can be purchased through Superyacht PWC here


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