Dutch superyacht builder Oceanco has added a new 90m superyacht to its extensive catalogue of conceptual designs. Known as Cosmos, the project has been designed in collaboration with Miami-based designer Luiz de Basto, with naval architecture by BMT Nigel Gee. As with all Oceanco concepts, it is not only the aesthetical values and design capabilities of the shipyard which it represents, because the yard claims the design is technically viable.

While Cosmos is intrinsically different to those we’ve seen before from the shipyard, there are a number of design cues which are very noticeably of the Oceanco style, such as the bow, which features that trademark sharp concave profile found on yachts such as 91.5m M/Y Equanimity and 82m M/Y Alfa Nero. The hull, which was developed collaboratively with BMT Nigel Gee, is particularly well proportioned which gives the yacht a classical element, until that is we take into consideration the upper deck.

The glass-domed atrium effect that has been used to a less dramatic degree on yachts such as 141m M/Y Yas, Cosmos’ vast dome upper deck is certainly something we haven’t really seen to this extent before in a serious superyacht concept. And while the idea does take a bit of time to get used to, the result is truly spectacular, and demonstrates a completely new approach to an upper deck arrangement, especially from the interior perspective.

According to the shipyard, the idea behind Cosmos is to have a yacht where you can be in touch with, and enjoy your surroundings, yet still be in a controlled environment, which led to the creation of the covered dome upper deck. “This provides an interesting tension between being adventurous and being safe,” says de Basto. “The glass dome, while it looks simple, is extremely complex,” he explains.

The actual construction process would likely present numerous challenges, such as the double curvature of glass, and the sheer size of the panes used in the project. Furthermore, the movement of the glass and the structure will present its own conundrums.

But while there are potential challenges in the construction of the glass dome, Oceanco’s technical department has deemed the project feasible with current technology. “Five years ago this boat would have been impossible to build, but now glass technology and structural design allows us to do so,” explains de Basto.

While the yacht may not be to everyone’s tastes, Cosmos is a real demonstration of innovation in design, in a way which enhances more than just the yacht’s aesthetics. The spectacular uninterrupted views from the top-deck is something anyone can appreciate and in this case, Oceanco and de Basto have pushed the boundaries by creating a challenging design which is all in favour of the lifestyle on board.



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