IYC has announced that Super Yachts London, the London-based boutique yacht brokerage and design company founded in 2013, has now been absorbed into the IYC brand. Super Yachts London’s founder, Jimmy Broddesson, will stay on at IYC as a managing partner, two members of his team, Mads Damgaard and Fabian Olsson, will also be joining him at IYC.

SuperyachtNews.com speaks with Michel Chryssicopolous, a partner at IYC, about the [non-hostile] acquisition and what Jimmy Broddesson adds to the team.

“I wouldn’t call it an acquisition,” starts Chryssicopolous, although an acquisition it is. “Despite his age Jimmy has been in the industry for quite a few years, and he has a very successful track record with quite a number of new builds already under his belt.”

After months of discussion between IYC and Broddesson it was decided that Broddessen and his team would join IYC to complement and contribute to its growth.

Jimmy Broddesson - IYC managing partner

“Jimmy is incredibly active,” endorses Chryssicopolous. “He does not stop where most brokers do, he creates his own designs that have now been incorporated into IYC and our strategy.”

Broddesson’s designs vary in size from 35-80m and this new portfolio will underpin IYC’s desire to increase its presence within new build processes. “We plan to match some of these design as central agencies with some shipyards, the rest we will keep under wraps, it will be a mixed strategy” explains Chryssicopolous. “These designs will be a beautiful way to ignite conversation with a potential client.”

As managing partner at IYC, Broddesson will be responsible for yacht brokerage and business development. Broddesson will focus in the area of new yacht design and new yacht construction, working in tandem with respected European shipyards.

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