There have been a number of personnel changes at US yachtbuilder, Derecktor. Gilbert Melo, who first joined Derecktor’s Rhode Island facility in February 1986, is to retire. Melo played a pivotal role in the construction of Cakewalk V, at 85m the largest superyacht to be built in the US. Most recently he served as general manager of Derecktor’s New York facility, guiding it through a troubled financial period. 

Derecktor’s Florida facility is also saying goodbye to assistant general manager, Bob Philhower. Philhower has been with Derecktor since 1992. Derecktor Florida is however, bringing in two new project managers, Jack Schneider and Rob Hastie.

Schneider has more than 20 years’ experience managing projects and work crews in composite boat building. He spent five years on site in the Florida yard as part of Consolidated Yacht before joining Magnum Marine. Most recently he led the construction team building the composite superstructure of Abu Dhabi MAR’s Yas.

Hastie is a chief engineer with a series of 50m+ superyacht new builds and refits to his name. He holds a Class III Chief’s Certificate.

Gilbert Melo.

Bob Philhower.

Jack Schneider.

Rob Hastie.

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Derecktor Shipyards New York

Derecktor Shipyards Florida

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