The Spanish media have reported that, on the 17 September, a motoryacht’s stern sank while docked in Port Denia. Firefighters were called to the yacht to pump out the water and refloat the vessel.

Sources in the area have suggested that the yacht in question is 45.72m Sea Falcon II, which has recently completed an extensive refit at Varadero Port Denia.

While the reason for the sinking is not yet known, reports state that there were no injuries or water pollution caused by the incident.

The motoryacht, allegedly Sea Falcon II, half submerged in Port Denia. Image courtesy of Las Provincias

Following this, on 20 September, the Italian media reported that 32m Angra, belonging to Aurelio de Laurentiis, film director and owner of Naples football team, was destroyed by a fire on board off the shoulder of Posillipo. Speculation in the local media has pointed to the engine as the cause of the fire.

De Laurentiis is said to have been on board at the time of the incident with his wife, children, family friends and four of the crew. All 12 people on board were allegedly rescued without injury.

With the fire having been very visible from downtown Naples, images and videos of the incident have been circulating social media. Some examples of these can be viewed here. will keep readers informed with any developments in the investigations in to both incidents.

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