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22 Jan 2014

[Sponsored Content] The Engine Room Buyers' Guide


In line with the Engineers Issue of The Superyacht Report, 149 included a engine room suppliers buyers' guide, a selection of the most most popular engine room suppliers.

ASEA Power Systems is the world leader in the design and fabrication of high-performance, compact and lightweight shore power conversion products. With over 20 cabinet styles ranging in power from 8kva - 1,000kva it’s easy to understand why ASEA Power has shipped over 2,600 converters. ASEA’s technical distribution team is located in over 30 worldwide yachting locations (>60 engineers). Our team coordinates presale surveys, installations, commissioning, training and service for every new build and retrofit application.

Contact Name: Russ Engle
Email: rengle@aseapower.com
Web: www.aseapower.com

DEICON provides science-based noise and vibration control solutions (passive and active).
• Computer Controlled Air Isolation System, an advanced, adjustable mounting system with unsurpassed vibration and shock isolation efficiency for diesel generators and other machinery on board yachts.
• Tuned Mass Dampers, for effective vibration mitigation of structures, machinery and equipment.
• Passive and Active Tuned Acoustic Absorbers, including Helmholtz resonators, quarter wave tubes, perforated liners, and active noise control systems.

Contact Name: Reza Kashani
Mobile Tel: +1 937 901 6449
Tel: +1 937 885 4134
Email: rkashani@deicon.com
Web: www.deicon.com


The innovative product range of the DVZ GROUP includes not only bilge water separators DVZ-FSU- “OILCHIEF®” and fat separation units DVZ-FT but also the new generation of waste-water treatment systems, like the DVZ JZR-“BIOMASTER”® and DVZ-SKA- “BIOMASTER”®-PLUS types. Reverse osmosis systems for drinking water production complement the product range. All systems are certified to the relevant and latest IMO regulations and have proven successful in practical operation on board. The wastewater treatment plants can also be supplied with the AWT Certificate from B.V. to meet the most demanding requirements. Besides the system’s functionality, special importance was placed on reliability, such as the use of stainless-steel construction and ease of maintenance.

Contact Name: Jens van Züren
Email: info@dvz-services.de
Tel: +49 42 42 16938 0
Web: www.dvz-group.de

Gelair™ products are very effective at controlling mould and bacteria that cause allergies and respiratory illnesses.The Gelair™ product range is sold all around the world to customers from small boats through to large superyachts, oil rigs and support vessels as well as merchant shipping and ferries. Sales of Gelair™ are continuing to increase through customer referrals because it is simple and it works. Gelair products are made from Australian grown and distilled Tea Tree Oil, which is world renowned for its powerful broad spectrum anti-mould and anti-bacterial properties. Your health is a priority. That’s why you should use our environmentally friendly, natural products to help prevent health effects caused by harmful micro-organisms.

Contact Name: Laurie Glossop
Tel: +61 894479911
Email: info@gelair.com.au
Web: www.gelair.com

Halyard designs and manufactures bespoke water injected exhaust systems based on the specific project requirements of the vessel, taking into consideration the engine size, space availability, output capacity and the noise attenuation level requirements. Using a variety of materials from stainless steel, Alloy 625, Super Duplex and GRP components our design and project team will work with you to produce a variety of solutions from dry, wet and combined systems that meet the necessary approval requirements such as Lloyd’s.

Contact Name: Hugh Cunningham
Tel: +44 1722 710922
Email: technical@halyard.eu.com
Web: www.halyard.eu.com


Headhunter presents the Royal Flush Bravo and Espresso. Without vacuum pumps, valves or noisy macerators; they include one-touch operation of our proven and patented water jet technology, which has delivered reliability at sea since the early eighties. In a refreshed vitreous china design, utilising a “whisper close” flush valve, sleek mounting system, the largest seating area in the smallest footprint, these are the perfect toilet for updating existing interiors or incorporating into new ones.

Contact Name: Mark Mellinger
Tel: +1 (954) 581 6996
Email: headmaster@headhunterinc.com
Web: www.headhunterinc.com

Heinen & Hopman ENGINEERING BV

Owners, designers and yacht builders are increasingly paying attention to an energy efficient HVAC system that remains exceptionally comfortable. With the Heinen & Hopman Turbocor water chiller, savings of up to 30% are possible on chiller energy
consumption. What’s more, the system requires less space and the noise levels are significantly lower. This latter asset in particular makes the Heinen & Hopman Turbocor Water Chiller not only ideal for new systems but also when replacing existing plants.

Contact Name: Huib Wassink
Tel: +31 33 299 2500
Fax: +31 33 299 2599
Email: info@heinenhopman.com
Web: www.hienenhopman.com

Magnus Marine Ltd
Magnus provides the world’s most dependable marine power. Shore Power, CleanNet, Energy Storage and Frequency Converters. Guaranteed seamless transfer of power and zero light flicker. Customisation to minimise on board footprint whilst maximising flexibility. Air, single point extraction and water-cooled versions. Worldwide two-year guarantee, the world’s finest marine power for the world’s finest yachts.

Contact Name: Stephen Scales
Tel: +44 1953 859143
Email: info@magnusmarine.com
Web: www.magnusmarine.com

MME Microturbine Marine Energy

MME offers on-board microturbine power generation solutions for superyachts, replacing traditional diesel generators with an advanced yet simple technology that meets responsible yacht owners’ demands for more sustainable energy and reduced environmental impact without compromise to their comfort and enjoyment of life on board. Microturbines are compact turbine generators designed to reduce noise and vibrations, pollutants and greenhouse gases and, not least, energy costs. Microturbines offer combined heat and power solutions that ensure very low emissions levels without the need for exhaust after-treatment or a particle filtering system. Microturbines have just one moving part, which is supported by air bearings, so no lubricating oil is required and there are no oil disposal issues. Compared with traditional generators, the maintenance requirement is hugely reduced.

Contact Name: Erik van Hulst
Tel: +49 89 641 60 120
Email: info@mme-generators.com
Web: www.mme-generators.com

Northern Lights
Technicold by Northern Lights manufactures industry-best HVACR systems for the world’s most sophisticated yachts. Our chilled water air conditioning, versatile air handlers and refrigeration systems are thoughtfully engineered and durably built for the marine environment. Outstanding features like heavy guage stainless-steel and sealed evaporator plates are among the details that make Technicold the world’s premier manufacturer of marine climate systems. With options such as UV lamps, digital control panels and the ability to manage on-board humidity as well as temperature, Technicold can create the climate control solution that is best suited to your yacht project. For the peace of mind that comes with yacht quality solutions rely on Technicold by Northern Lights.

Contact Name: Chip Van Gunten
Tel: +1 800 843 6140
Email: info@technicold.com
Web: www.technicold.com

TRAC Ecological

TRAC Ecological, the makers of Barnacle Buster™, has long been known for being a non-compromising, environmentally friendly chemical manufacturer. TRAC offers a full line of safe, non-toxic and biodegradable descalers, cleaners and degreasers. We have
built our reputation on delivering quality products that are both cost effective and 100% environmentally friendly. Please visit our website for more information.

Contact Name: Kevin Greene
Tel: +1 954 987 2722
Email: info@trac-online.com
Web: www.TRAC-online.com

VEEM Gyro 40

Less Motion, More Ocean.
With a feature list that re-defines the modern gyro stabiliser, the VEEM Gyro 40 is a powerful new breed of roll stabilisation device developed specifically for superyachts. Robust, highest quality construction, extreme load bearings, high pressure hydraulics, and patented advanced control system all combine to provide class leading stabilisation torque density. Glass bridge interface options, full colour repeatable 7” touch screen and high attention to overall aesthetic design and finishing provide a quality product inclusion for any modern superyacht.

Contact Name: Stephen Vincent
Tel: +61 458 079 717
Email: gyro@veem.com.au
Web: www.veemgyro.com


The WhisperPower product range consists of complete electrical systems, power electronics, a range of highly efficient super-silent generators both fixed and variable rpm and hybrid propulsion systems. The product range includes universal shore power
support systems consisting of DC Powercube high power chargers and 2V or Ll-ion battery packs. In combination with the AC Powercube high power inverters, this system is a perfect solution for superyachts, offering extended “silent time” without running

Contact Name: Roel ter Heide
Tel: +31 512 571 550
Email: info@whisperpower.com
Web: www.whisperpower.com


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