Wider has released a detailed account of its technologically innovative Wider 150, Genesi’s sea trials. According to a Wider statement an intensive round of testing has been conducted on a number of its technologically advanced systems.

Notably, testing has been completed on, ‘The power management system - the brain of the yacht, which automatically calls on the four variable speed generators to ensure that the specific power requirements of the vessel, from hotel and propulsion, are met at all times.’

According to the builder the yacht’s manoeuvrability and positioning was declared ‘spectacular’ by the yacht’s captain. ‘The five zero-speed gyro stabilisers are working as planned and offer a remarkable reduction in roll in various conditions.’

In performance terms, Genesi ‘comfortably’ reached her predicted maximum speed of 15 knots in diesel electric mode and the builder says fuel consumption also meets its expectations, which it states as 15 per cent lower than an equivalent vessel with a traditional propulsion configuration.

“The battery tests were a great success”, said Wider founder and CEO, Tilli Antonelli. “The yacht ran comfortably at 5 knots in [Zero Emission Mode] - consuming no fuel whatsoever…but the most remarkable and memorable aspect was that she ran in total silence!”

Tests are now underway on the lithium polymer battery banks, which offer a total capacity of 544kWh. According to the yard’s statement, the batteries’ durability is being tested by running her systems exclusively off them.  


Following the conclusion of sea trials, Genesi will be presented to the public in a series of exhibitions.


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