The programme for this year’s Global Superyacht Forum strives to not just educate, but also inspire designers with key industry players and interactive experiences. Following the incredible success of designers at previous Global Superyacht Forums and SuperyachtDESIGN Week, the keynote sessions, focus groups and workshops pinpoint the questions being asked in the market. 

Rob Henderson from UNStudio and Mark Vernooij, general manager of THNK will host ‘Conspicuous Contribution and Going From Great to Good’ on Tuesday 18 November. This interactive session hopes to create solutions and revolutionary new ways of thinking for the industry, whilst adapting age-old theories to be fit for the 21st century. Henderson and Vernooij will focus their keynote presentation on ‘conspicuous contribution’ and how the superyacht market can inspire innovation through design and intelligence. 

Wednesday sees the BV80 Case Study, for an in-depth examination with figures from the project: Patrick Coote and Peer Ostendorff of Blohm+Voss, Peder Eidsgaard and Ben Harrison of Eidsgaard Design and Andrew Thomas of Inaria. The session will explore the re-emergence of Blohm+Voss and the development of the BV80 yacht. This keynote aims to uncover their strategic approach and the research process of a semi-custom yacht, as well as the insights generated and lessons learnt along the way.

The focus groups and workshops at this year’s forum are specifically tailored to designer’s interests and areas of expertise. Current trends and issues affecting the market drive this year’s programme as each session, chaired by a leading expert in the field, poses a question where attendees can debate the issues and work towards a solution. These workshops encourage delegates to discuss controversial matters in an intimate environment, where judgement and rivalries are set aside to improve the superyacht industry as a whole. 
  • Monday’s ‘Materials’ focus group poses the controversial question: “Bleeding edge technologies and materials or just bleeding owners dry?” 
  • Designers attending the ‘Scrap Market’ workshop can work towards a solution for an important issue within the current market: "How can we get rid of the depreciating ageing fleet – refreshing or retiring?"
  • Tuesday’s 'Paint' workshop hopes to answer “The Great Debate: What's Wrong with Paint?” where attendees discuss the time-consuming and complex paint process for new builds and re-fits. 
  • The must-attend session for all Designers is simply entitled ‘Design’ and broaches the hotly debated topic:  “Can we integrate the whole process - from ideas to engineering to operation?
  To view the full programme for this year's Global Superyacht Forum, please click here.

The Global Superyacht Forum will be held from 17 – 19 November 2014 in Amsterdam. To secure your place at the event and join leading companies and individuals in debating the future of superyachts, visit or call +44 (0) 207 924 4004. 

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