THE NETHERLANDS, Amsterdam. During session eight of the Global Superyacht Forum 2013, Mitsu Edwards voiced her thoughts on the superstructures of the superyacht industry. Here we hear some of the points from the partner and project director at Hugh Dutton Associates.

“We’re in the realm of aesthetics with the superstructure. It’s subjective, and people get nervous with that. Even architects, who are very comfortable with designing, historically have had a lot of problems over the last 40 or 50 years with using colour, since the arrival of the international style. I think there is a perception of, “Will I be judged adversely, if I move away from the norm?”

“The clients who have the courage to do that, have to have very strong personalities and also have a very strong philosophy, personal philosophy, either in terms of design or literature or something, and that allows them to be assertive.

“Designers can take a willing client a long way, if the client has an open mind.”

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