Through the use of advanced signal processing techniques and phased array sonar technology, FarSounder has developed a 3D forward-looking sonar system design for surface-ship navigation. In conjunction with the release of the SonarSoft 3.0 software update, FarSounder has announced a new joint promotion with vessel operations and digital navigation solutions provider Jeppesen. The new software displays FarSounder’s 3D forward-looking sonar images as an overlay of Jeppesen’s C-Map Professional+ charts.

“We are once again excited to be partnering with FarSounder to offer our customers the best in both sonar navigation technology and digital chart data,” commented Paul Elgar, OEM strategic business manager for Jeppesen Commercial Marine.

The SonarSoft 3.0 overlay is created by correlating the 3D sonar data with a geospatial position and displaying the data on top of the Jeppesen digital chart that corresponds with the geospatial data provided.

“Over the years, our partnership with Jeppesen has been a great benefit to our customers. We are excited to continue innovating the operational display of our navigation sonar products with one of the leading global providers of digital vector chart data,” stated Matthew Zimmerman, FarSounder vice president of engineering. “Chart overlay of the seafloor and in-water targets detected by our sonars aid operator comprehension and enables users to more quickly see where potential navigation obstacles are located.”

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