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A product by YachtCloudLiveQ provides a complete live overview of all of your favorite TV Stations on all mobile devices and TV Screens on board.

Live TV channels and recorded content can be displayed in a mosaic style grid for an easy overview of your favourite and most watched channels. This provides quick and easy access to your top TV channels without having to search through every one available.

How it works:

Select a channel to watch on device

Swipe to watch on a TV screen

Roam and watch anywhere on board

Only see the stations you really need

Instantly see your favorite TV stations

What it enables:

Watch a TV channel on a mobile device

Move from area to area without loosing the TV station

Swipe to next page to see more channels

No need to browse through channel logos or program guide

Key Features

  • Channel name plus current and next program shown for each channel in mosaic mode
  • Option to only display most relevant / key channels - beneficial for equipment space and redundancy
  • Channel setup and arrangement managed per page, e.g. 9 ch 10 ch, 12 ch etc
  • Swipe down to move to next page and display more channels
  • Categorization of TV channels e.g. News, Sports, Children, Music
  • Safeguard parental control by only showing approved stations within categorized pages
  • News, Yacht information and music can also be integrated within the mosaic page
  • Flexibility - On shore installation allows for global availability of TV stations

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