Oculus Technologies has expanded its interactive infotainment portfolio with the launch of its new Engine Room app. Based on the company’s existing YachtEye technology, the app allows owners and guests to access an interactive 3D model of the engine room complete with real-time moving parts, infographic videos and animations based on popular films such as Iron Man and Minority Report.

All of the major systems’ data can be reviewed, making this a useful tool for the yacht’s crew too. Monitoring can include propulsion systems, water purification, power distribution and structural parts, or any other element of the engine room that is required.

Displayed on omnivisual touch screens, the interactive experience offers a translucent option where the user can enjoy visuals floating in mid-air. The Engine Room app is a stand-alone solution and is also compatible with Oculus Technologies’ products including YachtEye. It can be integrated into the YachtEye modular packages for customers with existing installations or this application can simply be customised to include all of the YachtEye features and functionality as required.

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