Captain Graeme Riddle of M/Y Princess Too reviews Clearvac's vacuum toilet systems and marine wastewater installations.

Why were you looking for this sort of product in the first place?

Due to the age of the yacht, the toilet pipework had scaled and the diameter available to the system had radically reduced. It had reached the situation where, while not quite a problem, we could anticipate one was coming.

How did you hear about Clearvac?

Myself and the engineer looked online. We knew of several yachting companies who re-circulated an acid product around the pipework – this seemed invasive and required access to multiple areas of the pipe, and would have meant the toilet system aboard had to be decommissioned for several days, requiring alterative crew accommodation and so on. We were not planning a yard period for some time, but wanted to sort the issue out. We were also concerned that an acid-type product circulating in the system could have long-term repercussions to joints and pipework.

How easy was it to install Clearvac?

Very easy; two people from Clearvac came aboard and they simply used our toilet-systems vacuum to suck their product into the pipework. Both the people who came from ClearVac were very careful around the yacht, having clean overalls, gloves and socks, to ensure that the interior of the yacht was affected minimally.

How easy has the ongoing use been?

Sadly for Clearvac its product has been too good – we haven’t needed to re-do the treatment. Although I think we shall do it again this year, as a very thin scale coating is starting to appear on the inner walls of the pipework now. We monitor our pipework on a regular basis, and since the cleaning was done the very little scale has reappeared.

What have been the benefits since using it?

No toilet blockages and peace of mind that they are also unlikely to happen. We also used the company to clean our galley ducting which, again, they did a fantastic job of.  I particularly like the fact there is a real before and after effect that is so easy to see.

Sadly for Clearvac its product has been too good – we haven’t needed to re-do the treatment.

Has it been good value for money?

Yes, definitely. When we contracted them the company it was significantly cheaper than the other ‘more yachting’ companies advertising the same result with a different method, and the company’s work has lasted for several years, which is significantly longer than I thought.

Are there any recommendations for changes to the product?

No, I was happy with what it did. I liked the environmentally friendly approach they took, and the fact that such an effective product doesn’t put the yacht out of commission.

Would you recommend it to colleagues?

Yes, and I do.

How easy was it dealing with the team at Clearvac?

So far, very easy. When you speak to them they sound like a small tight-knit group – a very friendly service

Are there any other thoughts on the product you would like to share with our readers? 

It’s a rare yachting wonder product. It does what they say it will.

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