Tim Gosling, British furniture and interior designer and founder of the eponymous Gosling Marine will be releasing his new book, ‘Classic Contemporary: The DNA of Furniture Design’, on November 2 2015.

Within Classic Contemporary Gosling takes the reader on a journey through his interpretations of a variety of periods and styles from the eighteenth century to the present day covering Victorian, Art Deco, Modernism and a number of other movements. Images of Gosling’s most recent projects accompany this journey through design and style.


SuperyachtDesign.com is pleased to provide an exclusive preview of Gosling’s newest venture, focussing on the carbon fibre items that have forged Gosling Marine’s name within the superyacht industry:

Another development of huge potential in the creation of furniture and other luxury goods – and one in which I have a great interest – is the use of carbon fibre. This exciting new material was first discovered and exploited in the 1960s and 1970s. Its unique property is its extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio, and the more the content of carbon can be increased in any structure, the more strength it delivers. It was first adopted by military designers for use in combat aviation but, as carbon fibre’s potential became more widely appreciated, it was quickly embraced by designers working in the motor-racing industry and in other so-called ‘super-manufacturing’ contexts. Over the last decades carbon fibre has become increasingly interesting and accessible to furniture designers, for whom the material’s lightweight strength and highly durable nature lend themselves to entirely new types of pieces. One application in particular that has caused a sea change in current practice is the making of deck furniture for luxury boats that is resilient to corrosion by the elements. Whereas previously chairs and other items of outside equipment were cumbersome, required almost constant repainting to preserve a smart appearance and were often thrown away after no more than five seasons’ use, now carbon-fibre pieces, although necessarily produced with a considerable initial cost, are light and elegant, and, when finished with high-specification painted finishes originally developed for aircraft, remain maintenance-free and seem virtually indestructible. - Classic Contemporary: The DNA of Furniture Design, Tim Gosling

Carbon fibre table

A foreword by Michael Palin, a fellow committee member at the Athenaeum in London, says: “This book has all the hallmark’s of Tim’s approach to art and life, his respect for creative expression and craftsmanship and his delight in seeing things done well.”

SuperyachtDesign.com will be following the launch of Classic Contemporary with eager anticipation.

Front Cover

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